A downloadable Narrative Story RPG for Windows

Makoto is a romance visual novel RPG hybrid created with Enterbrain Software's 'RPG Maker VX Ace'. It's linear, with a set story, and set paths, but it retains RPG elements, similar to games like Misao, The Witch's House, Ib, Mad Father, and others among a giant collection of hybrids.


Kano, a schoolgirl in Japan, moves with her mother to Neotokyo city, after her mother got a new job position. Finding herself in a new school, with no familiar faces, she begins her new life with new students and staff. She's put in the same study class as another student, Makoto, whom she falls in love with, and due to her…nature, Kano finds herself becoming insane with lust for Makoto. Makoto doesn't need anyone else. Kano is all she needs…Actor1-1

Releases 2015. A preview build of the first minute of gameplay is available as a download. The RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is NOT required.

An automatic control configuration for Xbox 360 Controller based gamepads has been programmed into the game.

Install instructions

The download is a self extracting 7zip compressed archive of the game files.

The game plays up to a point in the first level, which hasn't been developed further yet. This is an engine preview to showcase what I'm doing in terms of a 'narrative story RPG'.

The game is NOT finished, and won't be for a while.


Makoto Demo.exe 24 MB